Why do I recommend VocalSkull bone conduction glasses? - Customer Feedback

Why do I recommend VocalSkull bone conduction glasses? - Customer Feedback

I don't know how many people share the same habit as me, enjoying listening to music while running, even favoring some uplifting tracks, like "Wake," "Catch My Breath," and so on. These vigorous tunes help me maintain my workout better. I even like listening to heavy metal with closed-back headphones in both ears. So, on an afternoon in April 2023, when I was knocked down by a driver who swerved out without braking, I had this feeling inside, "Oh God, this day has finally come."

It was only when the driver and I went to the hospital together for treatment, and during the subsequent recovery process when I was forced to remain bedridden (even though I'm someone who wouldn't let summer thunderstorms or winter snow stop me from exercising), that I realized the consequences of this way of listening to music were not so pleasant. What really made me deeply realize my mistake was when I was lying in bed, bored, watching the news on TV, and they suddenly cut to an unfortunate accident scene where a pedestrian died on the spot for not obeying traffic rules. It was then that I belatedly realized how lucky I was at the time.

In order not to live the next few decades of my life "short-changed," I finally decided to change my way of exercising. Of course, I don't mean giving up running but deciding not to listen to music while running. However, after sticking to this for a week, I had to painfully give up. I found that running without music is like chewed gum, not only not sweet, but also sticky. The pace of my run became increasingly heavy, and I, who used to run for 2 hours a day, gradually struggled even to persist for half an hour.

I have to thank my good friend Tommy here. After he learned about my situation, he gave me this advice: "Why don't you try open-type audio products? Like the VOCALSKULL sports glasses." He even explained to me what bone conduction was, which made me understand that this is a kind of happy and safe high-tech.

After ordering and anxiously waiting for about a week, I finally received my VOCALSKULL Bone Conduction Sports Glasses. Yes, they are exclusive, because I was surprised to find that they can be customized in color, and I chose my favorite cool black. Actually, before I received the glasses, I was always worried about whether they would be heavy, uncomfortable to wear, etc. Luckily, when I actually got them, I found my worries were unnecessary. Their weight is not much different from regular glasses, and they stay firmly on my face when worn. I couldn't wait to put them on and go running, and this time my exercise duration returned to its peak.

As the temperature gradually rose, I also gradually increased my exercise time. I must say, the VOCALSKULL Bone Conduction Sports Glasses gave me another surprise. First, the usage time was enough to support my full run without worrying about running out of battery in the middle. Second, the lenses met my sun protection needs. The 20% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) could alleviate the pressure on my eyes caused by strong light and glare, allowing me to fearlessly face the rising sun in the morning workout or the strong direct sunlight in the afternoon.

Unconsciously, I have been using the VOCALSKULL Bone Conduction Sports Glasses for a month now. They have really helped my sports career a lot. The open-style listening method means I no longer have to worry about safety issues. I've shared them with every running mate who shares the same hobby as me. These are the first and only bone conduction audio glasses I own, and I continue to pay attention to VOCALSKULL's subsequent products. I believe they will have more excellent products, and I hope that more runners can join me in enjoying this new way of listening.

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