Enjoy The Future With Safty Sound

Wherever you are, enjoy the freedom of listening to your music. meanwhile also allowing to safely hearing your surroundings with open-ear speaker technology.

"Our mission is to create smart wearable devices that protect the eardrum from damage and relax and enjoy listening with safe for the environment."

  • Custom Prescription Glasses

  • Lightweight+Comfortable Fit

  • IP67 Waterproof

  • 5 Hour of Music Time

Talk Freely In Everywhere

These Frames transmit music directly from your cheekbones to your inner ear that accurately projects sound to you, while also allowing you to safely hear your surroundings without drowning out voices or car horns.

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High Performance of safety awarness

You can listen to music during exercise without discomfort in your ears.keep up with your love of exercise and travel in comfort and style.

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Lightweight and thoughtful design

The all-new Upgraded Wireless Bone Conducting Bluetooth frames are comfortable to wear,very lightweight with only 32g,no matter at day or at night, these smart glasses will protect your eyes.

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Hand-Free Calling and Music

It‘s easy to operate to control volume or answer/hangup calls on frames buttons, with wireless smart glasses, needn’t have the hassles of picking up your phones while driving or jogging.

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Get Your Customization

VOCALSKULL is now providing prescription option for whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or need multiple prescriptions in one lens.
there are several types of prescription eyeglasses and lenses to address your visual needs.

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