Playlist Recommendation: Let Energetic Melodies Be Your BGM All the Way

Playlist Recommendation: Let Energetic Melodies Be Your BGM All the Way

Humans are not machines; we always get tired, but our spirits can keep us going, like songs do. While people often debate whether to choose morning or night runs, based on whether they want to have breakfast or late-night snacks, it's always better to go out and exercise than to lie at home immobile. Even if you've eaten quite a bit, as long as you can burn it off, it's a good approach. Persistence is especially important. We've interviewed many fitness gurus and asked them how they keep up with running. Many of their answers repeated the same thing: listening to music.

Below, we share some rhythmic songs to power your long-distance running dream!

"Vertigo" - U2

U2 is a Dublin-based rock band formed in 1976. Since gaining popularity in the '80s, they have remained active and hold an unshakable position in the global pop music scene. Rolling Stone magazine listed U2 as one of the world's greatest 100 artists. "Vertigo" is not only the theme song of the Apple Pod advertisement but also an explosive song suitable for running. If you're interested in figure skating, you would know that it has even appeared on the Olympic stage. Its rhythmic melody makes you want to move with it as soon as you hear it.

"Brotherhood" - John Dreamer

This is one of those classic songs that many people recognize the tune but don't know the name. Its rhythm is strong; each musical beat is like a determined step, as if telling people that the road ahead is long, and they need to maintain focus and rhythm. Even though the process is hard, you've already persisted for a long time, and the finish line is not far off. This song is especially suitable for running while wearing VOCALSKULL.

"Strength Of A Thousand Men" - Two Steps From Hell

"Strength Of A Thousand Men" is a background music piece created by Two Steps From Hell. Its majestic momentum has been widely used as BGM in various fields. The song is suitable for fast-paced running. Its rhythm is compact and dense. The sudden bass after the powerful opening prelude tightens the listener's heart, then lifts it high, like a deep breath before the final sprint, subsequently exploding all energy, taking big steps forward, and experiencing the thrill of crossing the finish line.

"Victory" - Two Steps From Hell

"Victory" is one of the three world-class BGM masterpieces created by Two Steps From Hell. The shocking female voice and chorus, coupled with the grand melody, conquers the listener's heart. Even the most insignificant person will exhibit a heroic temperament with the backing of this music. Therefore, when you run to this music, each of your steps seems like footprints heading to the battlefield, stirring up your passion and fighting spirit.

"Monody" - The Fat Rat

The first half of the song is led by a joyful rhythm, creating a grand scene. The sound of horns undoubtedly enhances this song. The pure and distant singing of the female voice in the second half complements the tune, and the rhythm throughout the song is very clear. Moreover, the soundscape gradually expands in a sunny, cheerful atmosphere. It can be said that it's very suitable for happy and joyful running, chasing the wind and running towards the distance, reaching the finish line before you know it.

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